At Choice Taxis we offer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our drivers will show up on time with a clean and well-maintained vehicle and will get you safely to your destination. Whether you are a member of a wedding party who needs a ride in order to get to the church on time, or a corporate visitor who needs airport pick-up and delivery service, Choice Taxis will get you there.

834776_60301090Personal Services

     • Battery Boost
     • Delivery Service
     • Small Moving Jobs
     • Designated Driver Service
     • Pre-Booked Car Pooling To and From Work
     • Special Events: Sports, Parties, Weddings, etc.
     • Pick-Up Service: Train Station, Hospital, etc.

Corporate Services

     • 24 Hour Service
     • Out-of-Town Services
     • Corporate Accounts
     • Fleet of 32 Cars
     • Airport Runs – Pick-Up and Delivery

408 Pitt
Cornwall, ON
K6J 3R2


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